How to make créme brulee

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Crack the eggs and separate the yolk and the white. We don't need the whites so just put them away.

Add sugar. I usually don't measure them but here is the average ratio for you: 1 tablespoon of sugar to 1 egg yolk.

Beat them until it turns light-yellow and fluffy.

Pour the whipping cream and add the sugar to a separate bowl. Don't forget to stir the cream or it will burn!

Turn on the heat to 4. If you are worrying about burning the cream too quickly, just turn down the heat to 3 or 2.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 325~350 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to remove anything inside the oven, I often forget XD

Heat the cream to about 35~40 degrees Celsius and turn off the heat. If you don't have a thermometer, simply test it with your finger and see if it feels hotter than your body temperature.

If you want to add any flavour, add it now! Or you can just skip this step :)

Whip the yolks quickly, at the same time add the cream into it. Don't add it all at once, slowly add them so they will combine together.

This is what it will look like.

Take out your containers for the Crème Brûlées. The ones like mine are recommend :)

Pour the mixture of cream and yolk into the container.

Put the Crème Brûlées onto a baking tray and add water like I did in the picture.

Send them into the oven for about 20 to 25 minute. Or wait until the top becomes golden-yellow.

This is what it would look like. But we are not done yet! Let them cool down to room temperature and send them into the fridge.

How long they stay in the fridge depend on you. If you like more firm and heavy texture, wait for 2 hours or more, even overnight. But if you like more soft and liquid, do 1 to one and half hour.

Also here's another ways to change the texture: reduce the amount of the cream and add more yolks if you like more heavy texture. But if you like more soft texture, do the opposite!

Here comes the fun part! —Making the caramelize sugar crust— Firstly you sprinkle some sugar on the Crème Brûlée.

And use the torch to caramelize them. Be careful not to burn the sugar.

And you are done! Bon appetit!

This is just to show what the texture will be like if you put it in the fridge for about one and half hour.

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