How to create a smokey gray make up look(with highlight)

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So first thing's first, wash and moisturize your skin ! This one is my favorite, it's super light weight and has a light SPF in it.

Next we're going to start with the eyes, prime your lid with a eye shadow primer. This one here is a rarte CC one that's skin color.

Dab it on and pat in with your fingers to blend (Excuse the brows)

so taking this Urban Decay palette ....

which looks like this on the inside

I'll first be using the color skimp which is a cream/white shade and applying all over the lid with a flat shader brush

This is one of my favorite brushes it's a lancome one that came in a kit a long time ago but any flat shader will do.

I applied the brown copper color AC/DC in the crease and blended downwards. Then I applied the pink coppery shade in the crease and blended upwards.

Using this Stila trio I applied kitten over the lid (layering on top the white color from previously) and the dark brown shade in the outer crease to darken it.

I also applied "Kitten" in the tear duct (Inner corner) of my eye

I also darkened the outer corner with gunmetal

Then apply your favorite mascara

I applied my powder foundation (PUR minerals)

I Used this highlighter and focused it mainly on the high points of my cheek bones

then out of the blush palette I used the far left bronze color

I then applied a mauve/taupe colored blush under the highlight (a similar color would be the NYX blush chiffon/ NYX bronzer in medium or light)

then i applied this intense butter gloss in the color chocolate crepe it's so pretty it's definitely a good dupe for the urban decay new revolution glosses

Watch the video: Classic Black Smokey Eye with Glitter Makeup Tutorial

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