How to cook mangos as a spicy dessert (indian inspiration)

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Summary: mangos + coconut flakes soaked in old rhum. Added to that heated and cracked spices. Wonderful and astonishing fruit desert

To begin with: 60 g coconut flakes+ 2-3TBsp old rhum+1TBsp sugar or 1/4 Tsp stevia. This u can add at the stage when u add coconut flakes over the mangos. U taste and add as you like it

Refrigerate until needed

2 ripe mangos will yield 600 g of cubed flesh

Makes incisions without cutting the skin


Scoop the cubes


Add the coconut flakes. Taste for sweetness adjust.

Spices. In a small pot put the oil ( that you will discard later) and the spices. Heat on high until you hear cracking of the seeds. Discard the oil with a strainer and add the seeds over the mangos

Add spices

Mix and serve. Astonishing.

Watch the video: 4 easy mango dessert recipes. mango summer dessert ideas. mango recipes


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