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Make a pit with the flour and crack the eggs in the middle

Start mixing the flour with the eggs from inside out

Knead the dough until homogeneous

Wrap it in film and set aside for 15min

After letting it rest cut a part of it and flatten it. Use a rolling pin or a pasta machine, the latter is faster and easier. Using a rolling pin however will give it a peculiar unevenness

Cut the pasta with the tagliolini cutter of the pasta machine. Alternatively you can roll it up and cut it thinly with a knife. The latter again will give it the special "handmade" unevenness

Sprinkle with flour and form a little nest like this in case you are not eating right away but want to freeze them

If you are eating them right away just make sure you don't form knots and sprinkle with flour generously

Boil in salted water for 1-2min top.

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