How to make a home sweet home "love you mom" valentine card

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Cut Core-dinations Cardstock colors sweet apricot 2 sheets of 7 1/2'x11'

Score 1' line vertical

Adhere both pages

Cut the paper 7'x10 1/2' then make window 5'x8 1/2'and This is depth for Black board Cut the paper 2 pieces 7x1' and 1of10 1/2'x1' then

Hold in half and cut the conners then paste to window

Paste just 3 side

Adhere White Ribbon then Add Pink Ribbon (dye withPurima Color Bloom Tangerine and Cotton Candy ) with Gathered

Just like this and paste front cover

Detail decoration

Detail decoration

Dye another flower ribbon and paste the page and decorate like this

Cut the chipboard sized 6 1/2'x9 1/2' and paint black withFaber Castell Chalk Board Paint and stamp

Detail decoration

Back side of Black board

Cut and paste like this from Flourish February from 8’ pad

Watch the video: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Coloring Drawing Step By Step. Love You Mom. Best Mom Poster. heart Drawing

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