How to make a fluttering butterfly

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Grab all of your supplies.

Color your Butterfly Template.

Cut out your butterfly from your template.

Pull out about a foot of wire, tug the wire to keep it straight (this will be easier to make the body structure of the butterfly later).

Put your wire through the long straw. This will help measure the correct length of the amount of wire needed (8 inches) then bend it at the bottom (this will mark where you should cut it).

Do the same with the smaller straw as well (4 inches long). This part will be used for the top wings of the butterfly.

Then use your wire cutter to cut the wire where you bent it.

Using the wooden template, start by bending the longer wire over the start, then you will use your wire and follow the template.

Tug the wire when you follow the directions on the template. This will make for a straighter and stronger body for the butterfly. When you reach the top nail, make a loop around the nail.

The wire should get you just about all the way to the finish. You can then gently slide off the bottom part while leaving the top part still in the top nail (the next picture will show you).

When you slide it off, keep the top part on and just slide the bottom around.

Using the edge, make a 90 degree bend.

Next, take your shorter wire and touch the tips together, then push the sides closer together. Run your fingers through each side pulling it to make the wire straighter and not too bent.

Then, put the middle of the short wire on the top nail of the template. Pull each end of the wire in the opposite direction to make a loop.

Use your wire cutter and cut off any excess wire that may get in your way.

Place 2 small rubber bands into the loop of your small wire.

Bring the two tips of the small wire together again.

Insert BOTH tips in the top loop of the body of the butterfly (which was made from the longer wire).

Pull each end of the wire in the opposite direction to make the same loop as before. It should look like the image above.

Pull BOTH rubber bands down and put them on one hook at the bottom of the body.

Do the same step for the other side so that BOTH rubber bands are now in BOTH hooks. Pull the top wires up and out to tighten the rubber bands.

Take an inch of tape and put half of the tape on the wing (leave the other half for the wire in the NEXT step).

Fold the tape from the previous step over the wire to the wing (make sure that the wire does not end up in the middle of the paper wing).

Tape the rest of the wings on (this may take more than one piece of tape for each wing).

Make sure the top wings don't hit the bottom wings, then start twirling/spinning the top wings (it will be helpful to hold the bottom wings when you are twirling the top wings).

Make sure to spin the top wings/rubber bands many times before you release it.

Let it go and watch it flutter!

Here are some finished fluttering butterflies!

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