How to Make a Lovely Couples Dinner

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This is everything you need besides the pans and milk. The pans you need will be a large frying pan for the chicken and a large pot for the noodles.

Make sure to wash those dirty paws! You will be handling raw chicken.

Place your cutting board down and start to slice the chicken breast into little cubes. Make sure to use a sharp knife or this will be a pain!

Chop up two breast and place the frying pan on the stove to cook these lil dudes up.

Place the virgin olive oil into the pan and I add a little milk just to add a slight creaminess.

Time to mix up the seasoning, which in my case I mixed black peppercorn, sea salt, cayenne pepper, garlic, and emeril's original essence.

Add the spices to the chicken.

Make sure to stir the chicken around and to flip the chunks from time to time.

Zoom mode activated.

While your chicken is finish cooking start to boil the water.

Also preheat the oven to 300 once the water is boiling.

Pour those noodles right on into that pan!

Stir and stir and don't forgot to stir some more. After 8-12 minutes I check a noodle to see if it's ready.

Pour noodles into a strainer.

Add the noodles to an oven safe dish with a lid.

Dump that chicken into there!

Add some cheese to this tasty dish.

Now add a little olive oil to cook nicely into the noodles.

I would recommend this sauce over anything! This makes this dish

Stir it all around to mix the sauce, cheese, and chicken in.


Add a complete layer of cheese over the noodles and It is now ready to bake!


This is were this meal finally becomes a man. :D


10 minutes later and you sir have a meal ready to be consumed!


Scoop that amazing stuff straight to a plate and you are ready to eat!




Now to the lame part..

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