How to Cook Sicilian Pasta With Broccoli

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Wash and cut broccoli

Cook them in boiling salted water

Chop onion and red hot chili pepper (at your taste, but sicilian cuisine is not too hot)

Fry onion, chili peppers and anchovies with extra-virgin olive oil until the onion is golden

Pick up the broccoli from water and add them to the onions. Save water for later.

Add raisins.

Cook broccoli with fried onions for 5 minutes mashing them until they reach a creamy texture.

Cook pasta in broccoli water.

Put breadcrumbs into a little pot ...

... and toast until color turns into fine brown (this is called 'muddicata' in sicilian language)

Add pasta to broccoli with some cup of its cooking water. Add grated 'pecorino' (sheep cheese) , cook for some minute stirring until texture of the sauce is creamy.

Spread toasted breadcrumbs on top and serve

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